neuralvault Connectors: Unleash the Power of Your Data

  1. Dog Data Connector for Looker Studio (FREE)

    We're thrilled to introduce our first Community Connector for Looker Studio, available for free. Using data from The Dog API, explore and visualize fascinating dog-related data within Looker Studio. Ideal for anyone wanting a taste of the power of our connectors.

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Coming Soon: More Connectors

We're working on bringing you more connectors to help you maximize your data insights. Whether you're interested in social media analytics, e-commerce trends, climate data, or anything else, stay tuned for more connectors that cover a wide range of topics.

Bundle Offer: neuralvault Suite

Imagine having a diverse set of connectors at your fingertips, ready to help you dive deeper into your data. With our neuralvault Suite, that's exactly what you'll get. As we add more connectors, you'll be able to access them all for a monthly subscription. Plus, you'll be the first to try out any new connectors we develop. Get in touch for early access.

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